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Sigma tests bird-friendly compressed air wind turbine

A World War 2 veteran has hired Sigma Design Company, based in the US state of New Jersey, to test, analyse, refine, optimise and manufacture a wind turbine he has invented.

Raymond Green says his patented Catching Wind Power Compressed Air Enclosed Wind Turbine will bring at least 25 new jobs into the state. Significantly, he adds, it  avoids harm to birds, bats and other forms of flying wildlife.

It avoids harm because the turbine does not have any external blades. It uses special ‘Inner Compression Cone Technology’ which squeezes incoming air, compresses it as moves through the turbine and multiplies it, thus creating more power. It is also free of noise because the blades are internally located, set closer together and are smaller thus eliminating the sound that the blades of conventional turbines make as they swoop past the tower.

The turbine is available in a range of sizes from portable domestic to large scale wind farm units. Green, 89, approached Sigma Design Company (owned by Jerry Lynch who is also a veteran, formerly of the US Navy) with the intention of creating a product which would ultimately provide jobs for veterans. Although the company is in its early stages of development, it already has patents across the US as well as in New Zealand, Australia, China and 27 European countries. Green believes the new turbine will benefit the military and remote installations as well as having a general global appeal.


Written by Robin Whitlock 

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