Cube project, with FuelCell Energy power plants, approved in Connecticut

Maryland-based Elemental Power Group has announced the approval of its ‘Cube’ fuel cell project, under the ‘Project 150’ renewable energy program run by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. The project will use Direct FuelCell molten carbonate fuel cell power plants supplied by FuelCell Energy of Danbury, Connecticut.

When operational in mid-2010, the Cube project will provide 3.4 MW of quiet, clean, baseload class I renewable power directly to Connecticut Light and Power in urban southwest Connecticut, an area that has experienced electrical supply disruptions in the past. The FuelCell Energy units will provide enough power for approximately 2600 homes for 20 years under the contract approved by the state.

Project construction is scheduled to start in early 2010, with completion in the third quarter of that year. The project will inject approximately $20 million into the Connecticut economy during its construction. The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) says that the Cube project will provide a further $2 million each year to the local economy in operating expenses, tax payments, and other purchases.

Elemental Power Group is an independent developer of renewable energy projects, focused on non-wind renewable energy technologies, especially solar and fuel cell projects. FuelCell Energy is developing molten carbonate fuel cell power plants at the 300 kW to MW scale.

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