ReliOn unveils Eco-200 for small-scale fuel cell backup power

US-based ReliOn has launched the Eco-200™ fuel cell system, designed around the company’s patented Modular Cartridge Technology and providing high-reliability power for smaller-scale backup power applications.

The Eco-200 is a compact complete PEM fuel cell system housed in a 2U rack-mountable package. Like all ReliOn fuel cell products, emissions are limited to warm air and a small amount of water, and the Eco-200 is exempt from the most stringent air quality standards, such as those set by the California Air Resources Board.

Designed to be an economical, small-scale backup power solution, the Eco-200 can affordably provide hundreds of hours of runtime and many years of service for critical equipment. ReliOn says the product will be commercially available in the fourth quarter of 2009.

The Eco-200 joins ReliOn’s current product line – the T-1000® and T-2000® – which provide backup power solutions between 500 W and 12 kW. The company has delivered in excess of 2 MW worth of products at more than 600 commercial customer sites in 18 countries.

While many ReliOn customers are wireless telecoms providers, the company also serves markets including wireline telecoms, government, security, and utility communications and transportation networks. ReliOn products can be used for backup power and site-hardening in both traditional configurations and as part of a clean technology system integrated with solar and wind power.

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