More Hydrogenics fuel cell buses for Europe

Two additional hybrid MidiBuses powered by fuel cells from Canadian-based Hydrogenics have entered operation in Germany. In addition, Hydrogenics has made significant progress with its Rampini Fuel Cell bus project, now planned to be commissioned this month in Gladbeck, Germany, where Hydrogenics has its European fuel cell operation.

The two hybrid MidiBuses were purchased by Vestische Strassenbahnen GmbH, a regional urban transit authority located in Herten, as announced by Hydrogenics late last year. There are now ten Hydrogenics-powered MidiBuses in operation in Europe, based on a Tecnobus SpA electric bus platform.

The latest MidiBuses also have a new combined heat and power (CHP) feature that captures the heat generated by the PEM fuel cells to warm passengers during the cold winter months.

Meanwhile, the Rampini Fuel Cell bus project, developed on the Italian Rampini ZEV platform, is approximately double the size of the hybrid MidiBus, and can hold more than 40 passengers. Additional models are expected to be ready for procurement after appropriate testing is complete.

‘Similar to the increasing traction we are seeing in North America with fuel cell powered buses, our strong, long-standing operations in Europe continue to move forward with bus rollouts, as demand for clean transportation alternatives increases,’ comments Daryl Wilson, president/CEO of Hydrogenics.

Hydrogenics is already well established in US fuel cell bus activities, through its participation in three projects within the US Federal Transit Administration’s National Fuel Cell Bus Program (NFCBP). The company recently sold another HyPM HD fuel cell power module for the Northeast Advanced Vehicle Consortium’s bus development project under this program. Hydrogenics is also supplying its HySTAT™ electrolyzers in Europe for fueling station applications, including a recent order for a bus fueling station in Barth, Germany in conjunction with Heliocentris Fuel Cells.

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