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Turbine installation completed for second stage of Thornton Bank offshore wind farm

The last Repower 6M wind turbine has been installed at C-Power’s Belgian offshore wind farm Thornton Bank Phase II on time.

The second stage of development comprised 30 Repower 6M wind turbines. Each turbine has a rated power of 6.15MW and add to the six Repower 5M machines which were commissioned in 2009.

The total capacity of Thornton Bank is now 215MW. A third phase of construction, comprising 18 more Repower 6M turbines, is planned for next year, taking total capacity to 325MW for the Belgian offshore project.

“The fact that we were able to complete Phase II successfully and on time is proof of our well-developed logistics concept and the good cooperation between the teams during the installation of the turbines,” said Andreas Nauen, CEO of Repower Systems SE, which installed the machines. 

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