Canadian Solar joins ranks of PV Cycle

Canadian Solar Inc. is to become a member of PV CYCLE, an organisation based in Brussels, Belgium that promotes voluntary take-back and recycling of end-of-life PV modules, including seeking to define collection and recycling targets for the PV industry.

Dr.Shawn Qu, chairman and ceo of Canadian Solar said, "we proactively take responsibility for developing effective recycling programs. To us PV CYCLE is the ideal platform to concurrently develop trendsetting industry standards by working with other like-minded global companies".

Jan Clyncke, managing director of PV CYCLE, said, "we are honoured that Canadian Solar has joined our organisation, which now covers around 85% of the European PV market with its 37 member companies spread around the globe".

About PV Cycle

PV CYCLE was founded in 2007 with the specific purpose of implementing the photovoltaic industry's commitment to set up a voluntary take-back and recycling program for end-of-life waste PV modules. To produce green and renewable energy, end-of-life modules need to be recovered and recycled. This will minimise waste and allow the re-use of valuable raw materials to produce new modules. The members of PV CYCLE are in the final stages of developing the scheme and aim to present it to the European Commission by spring 2009 for formal acknowledgement. By closing the life cycle of photovoltaic modules, industry players take their responsibility and are "Making the photovoltaic industry Double Green."

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