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ReliOn collaborating with Hy9 on methanol fuel processor for fuel cell products

ReliOn and Hy9 are collaborating on the development of an integrated fuel processor for fuel cell products. The programme will combine ReliOn strengths in hydrogen fuel cell technology and product engineering with Hy9 expertise in reforming and hydrogen purification systems.

Spokane-based ReliOn is a leading provider of high reliability fuel cell solutions for backup and grid-support power applications. Hy9 in Massachusetts is a leading manufacturer of palladium metal membrane hydrogen purifiers and methanol fuelled hydrogen generators.

ReliOn and Hy9 will work together to develop the subsystems, controls, and systems integration of the new liquid fuel-based power system. The fuel processor (reformer) converts a liquid fuel – in this case methanol and water – into hydrogen for use with ReliOn’s fuel cell products, including its E-series fuel cell systems.

The development process is on schedule for ReliOn to deliver first demonstration prototypes during the third quarter of 2012, with customer evaluation units available before the end of the year. Customers will be delivered a fully integrated product that supports a range of power applications up to 10 kW, providing telecom quality regulated DC power from a methanol-based liquid fuel.

The introduction of the liquid fuel-based product line will expand ReliOn’s market reach into new geographic regions and applications where liquid fuel may be advantageous over gaseous hydrogen due to availability or logistics.

‘Our collaboration with Hy9 will offer an alternative to delivered, compressed hydrogen as fuel for customers who use our fuel cells to provide power in areas of the world where hydrogen is less available,’ explains Gary Flood, president and CEO of ReliOn.

Flood continues: ‘Hy9’s expertise in the area of fuel reforming and purification will enable us to accelerate the delivery of this product to our key customers needing solutions for their backup and grid-support power applications.’


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