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Power-One's central solar PV inverter recognised by OTTI

Power-One Inc's Aurora Ultra central solar photovoltaic (PV) inverter system has been awarded second place at the OTTI Award for Innovation by the Ostbayrisches Technologie-Transfer-Institut (OTTI).

 By Kari Williamson

The central solar PV inverter has an output of up to 1.5 MVA and power efficiencies of up to 98.7%. It has been designed for large and utility-scale installations.

The jury noted the central solar PV inverter's modular design approach and circuit topology, being made front accessible and with extractable sub-assemblies.

The circuit topology gives an output voltage of 690 V AC, allowing “significant reduction of AC losses”, and the possibility of direct coupling with LV/MV standard transformers, as used in the large wind industry.

The award jury also highlighted the fact that Power-One’s central inverter system does not need an additional cabin, as its IP65 enclosure withstands harsh environmental conditions. A passive liquid cooling system allows segregating the active parts of the unit in a watertight and pollution-free chamber, further improving the system long-term immunity against aggressive environmental agents.

This also extends the maintenance cycle and reduces the cost of maintenance.

“This is truly a great achievement for Power-One and an excellent recognition for one of our most innovative products,” says Dr Alex Levran, President of Renewable Energy Solutions at Power-One. “There is no doubt that the Aurora Ultra central inverter will continue to be an award-winning, show-stopping product for us for many years to come.”

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