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Enel Green Power installs 880 MW of wind and solar in 2011

Enel Green Power has installed solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind power projects totalling 880 MW in 2011.

By Kari Williamson

“The full achievement of our growth target confirms that we are in lin eiwth our development plan and underscores th evalidity of our strategy, which is focused on geographical and technological diversification. We are demonstrating that we can fulfil our market committments in the field of development and we will continue to implement our business plan according to schedule and proecedures,” says Francesco Starace, CEO of Enel Green Power.

In December alone, Enel brought 150 MW of renewable eneryg online across five projects:

In the US, Enel installed a 24 MW solar PV projects at the 33 MW Stillwater geothermal power plant.

In Romania, Enel has constructed the 70 MW Corugea wind farm in the Tulcea region, which consits of 35 V90-2.0 MW wind turbines. Enel has also completed the first 25 MW of the 48 MW wind farm Moldova Noua in the Banat region.

Finally, the first 19 MW of the 21 MW Lanchal wind farm and the first 14 MW of the 23 MW Pucheruelo wind farm in Avila, Castilla y Leónm have been erected in Spain. Both wind farms consist of G58-850 kW wind turubines.

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