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Which content on our website had the most number of hits during 2011?

1. Webinar: What are the prospects for competing solar electric technologies?

The argument about who wins – Solar Photovoltaics (PV), Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (CSP), or Concentrating PV (CPV) – is currently all the rage. But in reality it is too early to identify winners and losers in the overall solar industry? Click gere for webinar...

Speakers: the late Brian Robertson (Amonix); Paula Mints (Navigant); Dr Andy Skumanich (SolarVision)

2. Feature article: End-of-life PV: then what? - Recycling solar PV panels

Solar energy is regarded as a green technology, but what happens to solar panels once they reach the end of their lifetime? Click here for article...

3. Micro-inverters vs. string inverters for solar PV

What are the advantages and disadvantages of micro-inverters compared with string inverters? Find out here...

4. Solar PV and thermal – a marriage made in heaven?

Solar photovoltaic cells become less efficient as they get hotter, a decline that can be substantial on hot sunny days. Furthermore, solar PV is inefficient and some energy is ‘lost’ to the surrounding environment. What solar PV needs is a partner able to complement its strengths and compensate its deficiencies. Fortunately, such a partner exists – solar thermal. Now it seems the two are getting together in what could be a happy marriage. Read more...

5. Scaling clean energy innovation

Clean technology is one of the great global opportunities of the 21st century, but how is technology innovation being harnessed? Click here...


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