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WiseEnergy Africa to manage 500 MW of solar and wind in Africa

WiseEnergy Group will manage up to 500 MW of solar and wind power projects in South Africa on behalf of ix:Africa, an impact investment fund seeking to raise €400 million to dedicate to renewable energy projects in Africa.

By Kari Williamson

WiseEnergy's local team is already working with the ix:Africa fund and the South African Government to review the potential for major solar and wind projects in the country, ahead of the next round of government project auctions in March 2012.

"Africa is one of the most promising markets for the development of renewable energy projects and South Africa acts as a true gateway,” says Aldo Beolchini, Director at WiseEnergy.

“In emerging nations such as South Africa, there is an enormous appetite for energy and a requirement to double generation capacity in a very short space of time. Only renewable energy projects can meet this demand. Last year, Italy and Germany alone installed solar power equivalent to ten new nuclear power plants. Combined with high solar radiation and a willing Government, South Africa’s hunger for the swift development of new generation capacity makes it an attractive, low risk market for renewable energy investment.”

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