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FuelCell Energy, Abengoa partner to develop fuel cell power plants for Europe and Latin America

US-based FuelCell Energy has announced a partnership with Abengoa in Spain to develop localized stationary fuel cell power plants for markets in Europe and Latin America. The partners will also install a 300 kW pilot project at the Abengoa headquarters in Seville.

Under the agreement, Abengoa will develop, manufacture and market stationary fuel cell power plants using molten carbonate fuel cell modules provided by FuelCell Energy. Renewable biogas markets will be targeted, and the partners will enhance the capability and market opportunities for Direct FuelCell® power plants operating on liquid biofuels.

The initial pilot installation will be at the Abengoa headquarters in Palmas Altas, using a 300 kW Direct FuelCell (DFC®) module supplied by FuelCell Energy, and balance-of-plant designed and manufactured by Abengoa.

The partners will target markets in Europe and Latin America for megawatt-class DFC power plants, focusing on municipalities, large industrial power users, and facilities that generate renewable biogas. DFC power plants are fuel-flexible, capable of operating on clean natural gas or renewable biogas.

Abengoa will use its experience with biofuels to develop a fuel processing system that supports the use of liquid biofuels in DFC power plants. Ultra-clean, efficient and reliable fuel cell power plants that can operate on liquid biofuels will be attractive in Latin American markets such as Brazil, where sugar cane is widely used as a feedstock to create ethanol.

FuelCell Energy’s Direct FuelCell technology will be combined with the extensive customer network and service expertise of Abengoa to sell DFC fuel cells in the target geographies. FuelCell Energy will export fuel cell modules manufactured at its production facility in Connecticut, while Abengoa will supply balance-of-plant designed and built in Spain. Completion of a distribution agreement is expected to follow by next summer.

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