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BIC acquires Angstrom Power, plans fuel cell chargers for portable devices

BIC Group reports that its Canadian subsidiary has acquired the assets of Angstrom Power in Vancouver, which is developing portable fuel cell technology.

For nearly a decade the French-based BIC Group has been developing hydrogen fuel cartridges, which produce hydrogen on demand using patented BIC technology. These cartridges can be connected to a fuel cell device, and replaced once the fuel is depleted.

Angstrom Power has been developing portable fuel cell devices over a similar timescale.

The acquisition is expected to show that BIC’s hydrogen fuel cartridge technology and the Angstrom thin-film fuel cell technology work very well together. BIC and Angstrom prototype designs have both demonstrated high levels of performance and efficiency.

Companies whose devices rely on rechargeable batteries have shown strong interest in the promise of such fuel cell technology. BIC expects to bring a portable fuel cell device and fuel cartridge to market in two to five years.

By offering instant, constant and extended power, portable fuel cells will give the consumer convenient access to power whenever and wherever they need it, as an alternative to plugging into a wall socket.

Angstrom Power’s innovative Micro Hydrogen™ technology – which integrates novel fuel cell, energy storage, and microfluidic components – has demonstrated superior performance at scales equivalent to lithium-ion batteries in today’s mobile devices.

‘Angstrom has advanced its fuel cell technology to the point where investment is required in new areas, including marketing and distribution,’ says Paul Zimmerman, CEO of Angstrom Power. ‘BIC’s complementary capabilities in these areas – combined with their state-of-the-art fuel cartridge technology – make BIC the ideal acquirer for Angstrom.’

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