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Conference against wind in Scotland

Communities Against Turbines Scotland is organising a conference against Scotland's plans for large wind farm build-out.

By Kari Williamson

The group says Scotland's aim of 100% renewable energy means: “a stealth tax on all our energy bills to re-direct money from the poor to wealthy land owners and mostly non-British energy companies through ROCs and a climate levy charge.”

Furthermore, they claim that by encouraging farmers to allow wind farms on their fields could “cause local food shortages and change the face of the countryside for ever.”

The organisers go on to say: “We want to highlight the negative effects on tourism, the film industry, wildlife, and landscapes which will not be realised by most until it is too late.”

“The First Scottish National Windfarm Conference is about getting closer to the truth about wind farms,” they conclude.

Renewable Energy Focus notes that many of the claims have previously been proven unfounded.

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