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Corvus Energy provides battery storage for hybrid ship technology

Corvus Energy has been selected as a strategic storage technology provider for a range of Eco Marine Power's (EMP) projects, including the Aquarius wind and solar power system for ships, the Aquarius eco ship and Medaka urban solar-electric commuter ferry.

By Kari Williamson

Corvus Energy technologies such as the AT6500 Energy Storage Module & Battery Management System will be incorporated into Eco Marine Power’s marine renewable energy designs.

Each battery module can be combined to form a custom-sized pack - from 6.5 kWh to multi-megawatt sized storage applications.

The EMP Aquarius System will incorporate Corvus Energy’s AT6500 Lithium NMC Technology allowing energy collected via the solar panels to be stored for use when the ship is at anchor or in harbour. The Corvus Battery Management System (BMS) will also enable to energy collected from the solar panels to be used while the ship is underway as required.

The Aquarius System uses an array of rigid but movable sails to collect wind and solar energy which are positioned by a computer system taking into account the speed of the ship and prevailing weather conditions. The system can also be used while a ship is at anchor or in harbour.

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