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Facebook adopts hybrid solar technology

Cogenra Solar will install a solar cogeneration system at Facebook’s new Menlo Park campus, producing hot water and electricity.

By Kari Williamson

The solar cogeneration array will be integrated on the roof of a renovated fitness centre and will consist of 24 solar modules totalling 60 kW of combined electric and thermal output. Once commissioned, the solar cogeneration system will feed hot water and electricity directly to the site’s 10,163 ft2 fitness centre.

System installation and integration into the site’s facilities will be initiated by the end of the year.

“Our work with Cogenra’s systems represents our initial investment in sustainable energy for our new headquarters in Menlo Park,” says John Tenanes, Facebook’s Director of Global Real Estate.

Facebook purchased and renovated the 57-acre corporate site in Menlo Park from Oracle with the full 2,000-employee transition from its Palo Alto headquarters to be completed in December.

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