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3TIER has helped solar developers secure US$4.1bn

3TIER has helped utility-scale solar energy developers secure over US$4.1 billion in public and private project financing and loan guarantees by reducing investment risk.

By Kari Williamson

Once built, the solar projects could account for 1.2 GW of installed capacity in the United States and India.

“Until now, the nascent utility-scale solar power market lacked a commonly accepted process to evaluate long-term project feasibility and risk from a resource perspective,” says Dr Pascal Storck, 3TIER Chief Operating Officer.

“Over the last 18 months, we have worked closely with developers and lenders to establish a set of best practices that better expose the risk of project under-performance so it can be mitigated effectively. This establishes a working standard for the industry to facilitate sound private and public investment going forward.”

3TIER has used on-site observations to statistically validate and correct time series from its global solar irradiance dataset, which provides up to 14-year historical records of hourly solar irradiance for any location worldwide.

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