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Bio-methanol fuel for IdaTech telecom backup power fuel cell systems

US-based fuel cell manufacturer IdaTech has announced the availability of bio-HydroPlus renewable fuel. This mixture of bio-methanol and deionized water can be used to power IdaTech fuel cell products for telecommunications and other critical backup power applications.

IdaTech designs, develops, and manufactures extended-run fuel cell products for telecom applications requiring up to 15 kW of power. IdaTech’s proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology provides solutions for a wide range of sustainable backup power applications.

The use of bio-methanol means that fuel cell systems can now be operated on a renewably sourced fuel, creating a genuinely sustainable power solution.

The bio-methanol is being supplied by BioMCN in the Netherlands – the first company to produce industrial quantities of high-quality bio-methanol. Its unique and innovative process converts crude glycerine – a residue from bio-diesel production – into bio-methanol, using its full energy potential and achieving substantial reductions in CO2 emissions.

California-based chemical distributor Brenntag Pacific then blends the bio-methanol with de-ionized water to IdaTech’s specification, to make the bio-HydroPlus fuel. The fuel is then packaged in 55 gallon (200 litre) drums, and made available to customers to fuel their backup power fuel cell systems.

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