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Conergy launches solar systems planning tool

Conergy has launched a solar system planning tool, the ‘Conergizer’ in the UK to helps users work out the best solar solution for any roof.

By Kari Williamson

Conergy says the move is expected to enable the viability of many solar projects in the UK that have previously been discounted because buildings are not south-facing or roofs have chimneys or other obstructions, and to increase awareness of best practice solar installations.

The free software allows users to enter building data such as location, dimensions, roof type and obstacles (such as windows, chimneys etc.) to create an 3D graphical model. A simulation of sunlight over the course of the year highlights areas of shading so solar panels can be positioned accordingly.

“Solar can be a great investment if you put the right panels in the right places,” says Robert Goss, Managing Director of Conergy in the UK.

“The Conergizer will help people work out just how much they can make from their rooftops, whether they’re in Aberdeen or the Scilly Isles.”

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