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juwi builds 53 MW wind farm in south-western Germany

Construction of the 23 turbine wind farm in Kirchberg, Rhine-Hunsrueck, Germany has started and the official inauguration is expected next summer.

By Kari Williamson

The Kirchberg wind farm will consist of 23 Enercon E82 wind turbines, each with a rated power of 2.3 MW.

The 53 MW wind farm, which will be operated by the joint venture Cerventus Natural Energy, is expected to produce around 125 GWh annually. Cerventus is half owned by juwi renewable IPP GmbH & Co KG and half by Offenbach AG.

"The project generates energy where it is needed - close to the consumer," says Matthias Willenbacher, CEO of the juwi group.

Michael Homann, CEO of EVO, adds: "We want to create a decentralized energy system for the region and its people - and we consistently focus on the development of renewable energies."

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