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Wind and solar hybrid systems

Southwest Windpower Inc and Advanced Technology & Research Corp (ATR) are joining forces to design and manufacture wind and solar hybrid systems.

By Kari Williamson

The companies believes that the combination of small wind turbines with microprocessor-controlled solar tracking technology could deliver more consistent energy and represent a new chapter in small-scale on-site power generation.

“We’re pleased to enter this partnership with ATR, which integrates today’s best small wind power technology with ATR’s solar tracking expertise, resulting in cost-effective renewable energy solutions for consumers and business owners,” says Scott Brown, Interim CEO of Southwest Windpower.

The initial wind and solar hybrid, Skystream Hybrid 6, uses a Skystream 3.7 small wind turbine, 6 solar panels and a GPS-controlled tracking mechanism that rotates the solar panels.

The solar panels and tracker are mounted on the wind turbine’s tower.

The Skystream Hybrid 6 will initially be available in the continental United States, followed by worldwide roll-out through Southwest Windpower’s global distribution network.

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