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Many people interested in renewable energy perceive wind power to be one of the most mature and low cost of the renewable technologies. And with over 200 GW now installed worldwide in nearly 100 countries, it’s not difficult to see why.

But the industry has not been without its troubles in recent years. The credit crunch especially provided a difficult landscape for developers to obtain investment in new projects, and important markets such as the U.S. have been on something of a roller coaster over the past few years; the emergence of new reserves of shale gas in the country has compounded problems.

And even in China, which has seen a massive surge in development over the past few years, recent months have seen problems with manufacturing overcapacity, with the Government in May halting all new project approvals (though it has recently cleared the way for a further 26 GW of projects, according to RECHARGE magazine).

But with all the challenges, the wind industry continues to innovate around areas like aerodynamics, drive train and intelligent operation, as it strives to improve performance and reduce costs further.

This webinar looks at some of these technical trends and developments, and also provide a snapshot of market development around the world.

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