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Solar PV shifts from incentives to end user opportunities

The solar photovoltaic (PV) industry has to focus on reducing module prices as customers are expecting to pay less for solar energy, according to SolarPlaza.

By Kari Williamson

Paolo Rocco Viscontini, President and CEO of Enerpoint Spa, says: "Today we are facing a paradigm shift, itself a confirmation of the distributed generation. In Italy, with over 270,000 systems installed on roofs and industrial and agricultural coverings, the potential is still enormous.

“When the market was still young, it was enough to focus industry communication on informing, educating and involving key professionals (installers, banks, businesses, etc.). However, the message now needs to speak loudly of the practical benefits of PV (savings, respect for the environment, significant contribution to the national electricity demand), by demonstrating through practice the responsible and intelligent use of energy. Grid parity and Smart Grid are within our sights."

Viscontini will speak at SolarPlaza's conference The Solar Future: Italy this week.

Giuseppe Sofia, Vice President of Gruppo Conergy and President of Conergy Italia, adds: "In a radically changed market, the dialogue between business customers and end users needs new models of communication—and certainly more effective ones.

“We must no longer speak of photovoltaics as a source of incentives, but rather as an opportunity for the end user. To do this, we must first focus on fostering loyalty among the installers and on developing new messages that better explain the value of one brand over another. We are moving toward a market comprised of, if not the end users themselves, then at least retail entities, so branding activities are essential—that is, linking a certain image of quality to one’s own brand. The theme of sustainability will be crucial since alternative energy options are part of a larger project, and even companies in this sector will have to start communicating those values."

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tomb62 said

05 October 2011
Educating the consumer is key to leveraging alternative energies. “The solar energy revolution in British homes has only just begun with thousands of homeowners now reaping the reward...”

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