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Suntech named Sustainability Champion by World Economic Forum

Suntech Power Holdings Co Ltd has been recognised by the World Economic Forum as a New Sustainability Champion in WEF's report ‘Redefining the Future Growth: The New Sustainability Champions’.

By Kari Williamson

Suntech stands out as a New Sustainability Champion, a company fully committed to business excellence and the improvement of society,” says Jerry Yu, Director, Center for Global Growth Companies, World Economic Forum.

“Together with World Economic Forum, we are confident that Suntech will continually inspire and lead the next generation of companies around the world to be more sustainable, innovative, and environmentally responsible.”

Suntech's Founder and CEO, Dr Zhengrong Shi, adds: “Suntech is honoured to be recognised as a New Sustainability Champion by the World Economic Forum.

“As we celebrate our 10th anniversary this year, this recognition reaffirms Suntech’s vision to be a sustainable, responsible company delivering energy choices for tomorrow. In the next 10 years, Suntech will perpetually make strategic investments to accelerate humanity’s transition towards a more sustainable and responsible way of living.”

The report, prepared with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), takes into account criteria covering sustainability, innovation, scalability, geography and company size.

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