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ISOFOTON aims for 35% CPV solar module efficiency

ISOFOTON is involved in INNPACTO projects coordinated by ISFOC with the aim to improve solar concentrating photovoltaic (PV) module efficiency to 35%.

By Kari Williamson

The projects are supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation with a total allocation of €11.84 million, while the European Union will co-finance a tranche of €1.09m through ERDF funds.

ISOFOTON will coordinate the project called SigmaMódulos, which aims to improve the module conversion efficiency of 35%.

The three-year project will involve, among others, two research centres at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM): the Solar Energy Institute (IES) and the Integrated Home Automation Centre (CeDInt); the Institute of Concentration PV Systems (ISFOC) in Puertollano; and the Institute of Aerospace Engineering (INTA) in Madrid.

ISOFOTON will also participate in the SigmaTrackers project which aims to improve and innovate trackers for solar CPV systems in Spain, and in the SigmaPlantas project, the purpose of which is to innovate in the field of facilities developed with this technology.

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