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REpower presents 50 Hz MM100 wind turbine

REpower Systems SE is presenting a 50 Hertz version of its MM100 2 MW wind turbine for low-wind locations.

By Kari Williamson

A prototype of the 100 m diameter wind turbine will be constructed in mid-2012 and serial launch is planned for 2013.

The REpower MM100 was originally developed for the North American wind market and up to now a 60 Hz version has been available. However, as demand for wind turbines with large rotors in Europe is increasing, REpower has adapted the MM100 to 50 Hz.

“We are currently experiencing great demand for large-rotor turbines. Not only in Germany, but also in Italy and France, where there are still a lot of low-wind locations with great potential,” says Andreas Nauen, CEO of REpower Systems SE.

“In Italy, for example, building permission has been granted for numerous 2 MW turbines with a maximum 100 m rotor diameter. Our new turbine will ensure an optimum energy yield for customers at such locations.”

With 104.8 dB(A), the MM100 is also said to be the quietest turbine of its class.

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