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Suntech launches HiPerforma solar PV line in Europe

Suntech Power Holdings Co Ltd has launched the HiPerforma solar photovoltaic (PV) product line with the introduction of HiPerforma Pluto Pluto Vdm-295 and HiPerforma Wdm-245 in Europe.

By Kari Williamson

Both products use Suntech’s Pluto cell processing technology, which is said to allow solar PV cells to absorb more sunlight and generate more electricity.

The HiPerforma Pluto Vdm-295 is a 295 W solar PV panel utilising 72 6-inch multicrystalline cells suitable for both commercial rooftop and utility-scale electricity generation. It has a rated conversion efficiency of up to 15.2%.

The HiPerforma Pluto Wdm-245 is a 245 W panel utilising 60 6-inch polycrystalline solar PV cells, and has a rated conversion efficiency of up to 14.8%.

"Our advanced PlutoTM cell technology represents a major step forward in our mission to drive down the cost of solar electricity generation, and make solar energy accessible to everyone, everywhere," says Dr Zhengrong Shi, Suntech’s CEO and Founder.

“The Pluto advanced cell processing technology was designed specifically to work well with different grades of silicon wafers, giving Suntech the flexibility to develop competitive products for all major markets.”

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