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California approves solar thermal and gas hybrid

The California Energy Commission has approved the construction of a 570 MW solar thermal and gas hybrid power plant in Los Angeles County.

By Kari Williamson

The proposed project consists of natural gas-fired, combined-cycle generating equipment integrated with parabolic solar thermal collectors. The solar field could provide about 10% of the peak power generated.

The solar thermal field will provide heat directly to the heat-recovery steam generators to produce steam, reducing the natural gas used at the facility.

The Palmdale solar thermal and gas hybrid, which is being proposed by the City of Palmdale, would be located on a 333-acre industrial site northwest of the Los Angeles/Palmdale Regional Airport and U.S. Air Force Plant 42.

The city of Palmdale plans to start construction after securing a developer and a power purchase agreement.

The California Energy Commission adopted the presiding member's proposed decision (PMPD) for the Palmdale Hybrid Power Project by a 4-0 vote. "The project will provide reliable and consistent power," says Commissioner Karen Douglas.

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