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Abengoa opens hybrid solar / gas plant in Algeria

The new Algerian plant will generate electricity from both solar energy and natural gas.

By Isabella Kaminski

The 150 MW hybrid solar / gas plant is based in Hassi R 'Mel. According to Abengoa, it is the first solar plant in Algeria.

Abengoa was responsible for the engineering, design and start-up of the plant, which consists of a natural gas combined cycle plant with a solar field of 224 parabolic trough solar collectors with the capacity to produce up to 25 MW of energy.

The combined cycle plant utilises Abengoa’s refrigeration technology which uses steam condensers and large ventilators to condense the water and re-inject it into the cycle.

It is the second hybrid solar / gas plant built by Abengoa. The other, located in Ain-Beni-Mathar (Morocco), has a 470 MW capacity and was opened in May.

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