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Intersolar: National Semiconductor wins Intersolar award and launches SolarMagic power optimisers in Europe and North America

National Semiconductor has launched its SolarMagic power optimisers for solar panels in Europe and North America at Intersolar 2009 in Munich, Germany.

National Semiconductor's SolarMagic™ power optimisers, which improve the performance of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems impaired by real-world conditions, are built upon National Semiconductor’s analog power management circuits.

SolarMagic power optimisers are said to give back PV system owners much of the power they currently lose to real-world conditions including partial shade, panel aging, and irregular array designs. Field-testing has shown SolarMagic recoups up to 57% of power losses, National Semiconductor says.

The SolarMagic technology also provides benefits such as:

  • Greater flexibility in PV array design;
  • Improved reliability of the entire PV system;
  • High-value retrofit option for existing installed base;
  • More potential business (solar-suitable site growth of up to 25%);
  • SolarMagic power optimizers are backed by a 20-year warranty.;

“By finally making shade and irregular array design non-issues, National Semiconductor's SolarMagic expands the market for installers to include homes they once thought were ineligible for solar,” says David Katz, CEO, of AEE Solar. “SolarMagic frees installers from the traditional rules of designing new solar installations and returns to system owners energy they may not even known that they had lost. In addition, SolarMagic gives dealers a real reason to discuss retrofitting their installed base with a new technology their customers will embrace.”

“SolarMagic power optimizers offer an innovative solution to the problem of panel mismatch that has plagued the solar industry since its inception,” said Hans Wimmer, CEO of HaWi. “What has been particularly impressive is its ease of integration. Being module agnostic, our installers throughout Europe can easily incorporate SolarMagic into new and existing installations regardless of panel brand.”

National will demonstrate its SolarMagic power optimizers at its Intersolar booths in Hall A2, Booth #271 (indoors) and in FG350 (outdoors).

Wins Intersolar Award

National Semiconductor also received the Intersolar Award 2009 in the Photovoltaics category for its SolarMagic power optimisers due to the SolarMagic power optimisers’ success in maximising the energy output of solar arrays when affected by real-world conditions.

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