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P21 wins order in Kuwait, its first following takeover by Heliocentris

German-based P21 GmbH has secured a €100 000 order for a monitoring and data acquisition system, as part of a scientific PV systems testing platform at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.

This is the first order secured by P21 since being taken over by Heliocentris Energy Solutions, a leading specialist in fuel cell based clean energy storage solutions.

The project at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) – the research and development arm for the State of Kuwait – is part of the institute’s renewable energy programme. The client is Life Energy in Kuwait, which recently became a strategic investor in Heliocentris.

The solution created for KISR is based on the Energy Manager from P21, whose open architecture allows it to be used for a wide variety of applications, alongside its primary function in telecoms.

The unit can perform remote monitoring and control functions, which also enables its use for scientific applications, as well as in the oil & gas sector.

The extreme climate in Kuwait is a major challenge. The main advantages offered by the P21 solution over conventional solutions are its robustness, even in harsh environments, and its flexibility and simple scalability. It also has minimal hardware requirements, and a competitive cost.

Utilising the Energy Manager in the context of PV monitoring will prove its marketability in this field, and will potentially expand its commercial usability.

‘We are delighted to see P21 receiving its first order so quickly following the takeover,’ says Dr Henrik Colell, CEO of Heliocentris Energy Solutions. ‘The fact that this project is taking place in the Middle East supports our expansion strategy in the region.’

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