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Solyndra signs US$115m thin-film contract

Rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems manufacturer Solyndra Inc has entered into a US$115 million, long-term sales contract with solar integrator EBITSCHenergietechnik, based in Zapfendorf, Germany.

The contract extends through 2013 and brings Solyndra's contractual backlog to approximately US$1.8 billion. The solar panels for the contracts will be manufactured at Solyndra's facilities in Fremont and Milpitas, California, USA.

Solyndra's cylindrical, thin-film PV systems are designed to “generate more electricity on an annual basis from typical low-slope commercial rooftops,” while “providing much lower installation costs than conventional PV flat panel technologies,” the company says.

Horst Ebitsch, Founder and Managing Director of EBITSCHenergietechnik, says: “The photovoltaics market is fast moving, so it is important to keep your eyes open for new products. Solyndra’s solution dramatically changes the model for installation of PV systems, expanding the market by addressing large numbers of industrial rooftops which are not economically viable with other PV technologies. We’re confident that we have taken a smart step into a sunny future with Solyndra.”

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