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Fukushima sees start-up of 230 kW solar installation

Kyocera Corporation has expanded its solar photovoltaic (PV) installation at its Tanaguara manufacturing plant in Fukushima, Japan, to 230 kW.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

Kyocera says it had to revise its solar PV installation schedule to prioritise this facility in order to achieve concrete energy conservation goals, following the Japanese Government’s restrictions on electricity use after the earthquake in March, requiring high-volume users in the area to reduce electricity consumption by 15% compared to last year.

At peak performance the solar PV installation will cover 8.2% of the facilities energy use, Kyocera says.

Including the Tanagura Plant, the Kyocera Group has a total of 8 facilities within affected areas. And recently it also installed a 130 kW solar PV system at Kyocera Elco Corporation’s new headquarters and a 58 kW solar PV system at its Yokohama Sales Office.

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