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Orecon and Eneólica sign 4.5 MW Portuguese wave farm deal

The wave energy device developer Orecon and Portuguese developer Eneólica are establishing a joint ventures (JV) company to build and deploy Orecon’s first full scale 1.5 MW MRC wave energy buoy.

The wave energy site will be connected to the Portuguese electricity grid. Two further MRC wave energy devices will be added to the site, increasing the power output to 4.5 MW of wave energy.

Orecon’s MRC is an offshore wave energy device utilising the principle of the oscillating water column (OWC). The wave energy device has no moving parts within the water; volumes of air are pushed and drawn through Dresser-Rand’s HydroAir™ turbines which are directly coupled to the electrical generators all located above the waterline.

Orecon and Eneólica intend to develop further multi-megawatt wave energy sites in Portugal over the next 10 years.

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