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UK opposition party questions solar feed-in tariff cuts

UK’s main opposition party, Labour, is questioning the Government’s move to substantially cut solar feed-in tariffs for installations over 50 kW.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

In an early day motion (EDM), Labour asks that the proposed changes to the UK solar feed-in tariff are not approved by Parliament. EDM 2016 was signed by Labour leader and former Secretary of Energy and Climate Change, Ed Miliband, Shadow Energy Minister Huw Irranca-Davies, Meg Aillier, Luciana Berger and Rosie Winterton.

Irranca-Davies, says: “Minister Greg Barker’s decision to go ahead with the proposed dramatic feed-in tariff reductions for community, school and hospital schemes, is a big blow to British industry and betrays the Government’s promise to be ‘the greenest Government ever’.

“This decision not only risks thousands of jobs in an industry that was beginning to flourish, but shows there is no coherent plan for helping communities to produce green energy.

“A decision such as this which fundamentally alters the future for the solar industry in the UK deserves a real debate, where MPs can question the Minister on his rash and ill-thought out decision. It should not be snuck quickly through the Commons.”

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