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Scottish 2020 Routemap for 100% renewable electricity

The Scottish Government has released its 2020 Routemap for 100% renewable electricity and 30% overall renewable energy in Scotland by 2020.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

Jenny Hogan, Director of Policy at Scottish Renewables, says: “The Routemap frames Scotland as the place to invest in renewable energy within Europe. It recognises that the Scottish Government’s 100% renewable electricity target, alongside commitments on heat and transport, takes Scotland’s overall renewable energy target to at least 30% of all energy demand by 2020.

“This puts Scotland on the map as one of the most enterprising renewable energy economies in Europe, and a vital part of the UK’s emerging low carbon economy.

“Built on our abundant renewable resource and outstanding expertise, Scotland has become a world-leading wave and tidal centre of excellence, with potential for substantial growth across all renewable energy sectors.

“Scotland’s renewables industry has a strong track record of delivery, surpassing all renewable energy targets set to date and attracting major companies like Doosan, Gamesa and Mitsubishi to set up bases here.

“As outlined in the Routemap, there remain challenges on a range of fronts, not least with improving grid capacity, technology advances and cost convergence – all identified as areas where Government and the industry should work closely together with communities and UK bodies such as Ofgem and National Grid to create a framework which will enable delivery of our stretching targets.

“Scotland’s commitment to renewable energy is paying dividends: the sector is now a major part of our energy mix and a significant part of our economy. Industry will continue to work closely with government to make clear to investors that Scotland is the place to do business in renewables, whilst making real progress in bringing down carbon emissions and securing safe, clean supplies of energy at an affordable price.”

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