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Fuel Cell Europe and VDMA Fuel Cells cooperate on commercialising fuel cells

Fuel Cell Europe, the European association of fuel cells developers and users, and VDMA Fuel Cells, a group of manufacturers of systems and components for fuel cells in the German Engineering Federation have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to foster commercialisation of fuel cells.

The acceleration of the commercialisation of fuel cell technologies in Germany and Europe could be achieved through joining forces when it comes to networking and lobbying for fuel cells, the fuel cell organisations say.

Fuel Cell Europe and VDMA Fuel Cells commit themselves to:

  • Share information related to industrial, scientific, political and regulatory developments;
  • Promote policies that facilitate access for fuel cell technologies to markets, including the reduction of national entry barriers throughout Europe ; and
  • To introduce instruments for market deployment among policy makers, the fuel cell industry, research and the general public.

Jean-Marc Tixhon, Chairman of Fuel Cell Europe, says: “This is an important step to coordinate efforts in Europe and we intend to replicate such agreements with interested partners throughout Europe.”

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