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Growth in biogas predicted in Germany

About 760 biogas plants will be connected to the German national electricity grid in 2009 - three times the number in 2007 - according to estimates by the German Biogas Association. This is around 100 times more than exist in the UK.

“This underlines the growing importance of biogas production in what, in this field, is regarded as the most developed country in Europe,” said Mike McLaughlin, Managing Director of the UK subsidiary of EnviTec Biogas AG.

According to EnviTec Biogas AG, exports will gain in importance as other countries, including the UK, follow the German lead.

Presenting the company's 2008 Annual Report, Jörg Fischer, CFO of EnviTec Biogas AG said that international sales rose by 202% from €8.2 million in 2007 to €24.8 million in 2008, despite difficult market conditions.


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