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Neste Oil trials renewable diesel in Finland

A fleet of road tanker trucks in Finland are to use Neste Oil’s NExBTL renewable diesel from the beginning of June.

By Isabella Kaminski

The trial of Neste Oil’s NExBTL renewable diesel will last around one year and will involve 23 vehicles in Neste Oil livery operated by 7 different companies.

The trucks will fill up with 100% NExBTL renewable diesel at the Neste Oil Truck station at the distribution terminal adjacent to the company's Porvoo refinery. The trial will monitor how NExBTL performs in trucks covering long distances and carrying heavy loads under a variety of climatic conditions.

NExBTL renewable diesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% over the product's entire life cycle compared to fossil diesel, according to Neste Oil. Its use also reduces local emissions significantly and helps improve urban air quality. NExBTL renewable diesel is a sulphur-free, oxygen-free, nitrogen-free and odourless fuel compatible with all current diesel engines.

Neste Oil has previously trialled NExBTL renewable diesel in public transport buses in Greater Helsinki and a fleet of 14 standard Mercedes-Benz trucks and buses in Germany has used 100% NExBTL since mid-2008.

Kaisa Hietala, Neste Oil's marketing vice president for renewable fuels, says: "Fuel quality is a key issue for truck and bus companies, and the aim of the new trial is to further confirm the suitability of NExBTL renewable diesel for use in the tough and challenging conditions these companies encounter.

"Good logistics play a central role in keeping society running efficiently today and will continue to do so in the future - and road transport needs technologies and solutions that can help reduce its impact on the environment.”

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