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Torresol commissions 19.9 MW Spanish CSP plant

Torresol Energy, a joint venture between Masdar and SENER, has commissioned the 19.9 MW Gemasolar concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in Seville, Spain.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

The CSP plant features a central tower receiver with thermal storage capabilities. It uses molten salt heat transfer technology and is capable of 15 hours of energy production without sunlight. This allows for 24 hour electricity production.

The Gemasolar CSP plant comprises 2650 heliostats covering approximately 185 hectares.

The CSP system can reach temperatures over 900°C at the central receiver located at the top of the tower. The molten salt reaches temperatures above 500°C.

Enrique Sendagorta, Chairman of Torresol Energy, says: “Gemasolar is a revolution in the CSP sector, as the standardisation of this new technology will mean a real reduction in the investment costs for solar plants. The commercial operation of this plant will lead the way for other central tower plants with molten salt receiver technology, an efficient system that improves the dispatchability of electric power from renewable sources.”

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