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Nordex selects FiberSIM software to develop wind turbine blades

Wind turbine maker Nordex has purchased VISTAGY Inc's FiberSIM® software to streamline its design-to-manufacturing process for composite wind turbine blades.

Nordex is using FiberSIM composites engineering software to develop detailed ply designs, accurate flat patterns and manufacturing output, and complete documentation for the engineering release.

VISTAGY Inc's FiberSIM will enable Nordex to enhance the automation of its product development process and optimise assembly glue gaps.

Nordex also notes that FiberSIM is a 'powerful tool' for composite design and manufacturing when used within its Creo Elements/Pro (previously Pro/ENGINEER) CAD system. FiberSIM is fully integrated into the PTC Creo Elements/Pro, Dassault Systèmes CATIA, and Siemens NX CAD systems.

“Transferring data between design and analysis can be extremely time-consuming,” says Hendrik Klein, chief designer in the Nordex Rotor Blade Division. “But during the testing phase we recognised that if we had a design tool that had a seamless interface to our CAE analysis tools, it would enable us to significantly reduce the product development cycle."

“FiberSIM also enhances the automation of our development processes, helps us improve blade quality, and alleviates time-consuming reworks in the factory.”

“We’re very pleased that Nordex, one of the premier names in wind energy, has recognised the value of FiberSIM,” notes Dr Olivier Guillermin, director of product & market strategy for Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, based VISTAGY.

“As the wind industry moves toward bigger and more complex blade designs, we’re seeing a maturation of the wind blade engineering process worldwide, and VISTAGY’s products and services are playing a key role in that development.”

[For further information see the feature article Wind turbine blade manufacturers face a balancing act, by Olivier Guillermin.]


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