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DuPont Apollo thin-film solar PV to India

DuPont Apollo Ltd and Wipro EcoEnergy of India have entered a strategic supply agreement on silicon-based thin-film tandem solar photovoltaic (PV) modules for Wipro EcoEnergy’s upcoming grid-based solar power projects in India.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

DuPont Apollo will provide Wipro EcoEnergy with thin-film solar PV modules and the first phase of the supply agreement will be completed by first quarter of 2012.

“We see DuPont Apollo as a supplier of reliable silicon-based thin-film PV modules that are especially fit for the hot climatic conditions of India due to their superior performance under high-temperature conditions,” says G. K. Prasanna, President at Wipro EcoEnergy.

“To support the rapid growth of the Indian economy, there is a clear need for reliable and sufficient electricity. With the solar energy programmes taking off at the national as well as state levels, we intend to play our part in helping India attain energy security, and we hope to do so with the help of a reliable PV partner like DuPont Apollo.”

India aims to generate 20 GW on-grid and 2 GW off-grid solar power by 2022.

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