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All-Energy: Scottish vertical-axis wind turbine and hydro unit

Caledonia Green Innovation Ltd presented its Sycamore vertical axis-wind turbine and Nymph hydro unit at All-Energy in Aberdeen, Scotland.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

The two technologies are currently being prototyped for installation worldwide.

The Nymph is an open-flow hydro technology that floats in a river or tidal stream (with no need for dams, pipes or foundations) to generate electricity at unit sizes of between 30 kW and 100 kW in arrays of up to 1 MW.

The Sycamore is a vertical-axis wind turbine for onshore use, developed from an offshore unit pioneered by Wind Power Ltd with R&D from Cranfield University. It can be scaled between 100 kW and 10 MW.

Steve Drummond, MD of Caledonia Green Innovation says: “Both Nymph and Sycamore match the company’s philosophy of straight-forward sustainable technology, smart design and simple implementation. For instance, by avoiding the need for large and expensive civil engineering works, Nymph’s no-fuss design is easier to install and maintain, more economically viable, subject to less regulation and has a lower carbon footprint than conventional hydro-installations.”

James Mowat, Technical Director adds: “Similarly Sycamore’s compact profile combined with its innovative blade design and low vertical rotation speeds, make it cheaper, quieter, less visually intrusive, and more bird-friendly than traditional horizontal-axis wind turbines.”

CGI anticipates it will shortly be making further announcements regarding funding and deployment.

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