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All-Energy: Offshore lifting system for renewable energy industry

Chemicals company Aubin launched its Gel Lift System (GLS) that can be used to install offshore renewable energy such as wind, wave and tidal at All-Energy in Aberdeen, Scotland.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

The technology uses a novel low-density gel, which can be reused, is non hazardous and environmentally responsible, Aubin says.

Aubin, together with engineering partner Ecosse Subsea, are currently developing installation techniques utilising GLS for offshore wind, wave and tidal technologies.

Aubin’s GLS can support infrastructure weighing more than 1000 tonnes and has an operational depth of 100 m.

Aubin Managing Director Paddy Collins said: “We believe that GLS will enable developers to take turbines out from shore as and when they are manufactured without having to have several units complete before any installation can take place.

“With each turbine costing up to £5million and space at fabrication yards tight, it’s extremely beneficial to offer a system that means you can install as you build. It is also quick to market, as installers do not have to commit the investment to go out and buy a vessel or wait for one to become available. We have researched the market and believe there is nothing similar to GLS.’’

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