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All-Energy: Wave farm agreed for Shetland

Aegir Wave Power Ltd, a joint venture between Vattenfall AB Pelamis Wave Power Ltd, has secured an Agreement to Lease from to develop a wave farm off the Shetland Islands from The Crown Estate.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

The scheme is proposed to start with a 10 MW project using Pelamis wave energy converters in an area of sea off the south west of Shetland.

Veijo Huusko, Head of Ocean Energy at Vattenfall and Chairman of Aegir, says: “With a rich natural resource, the Shetland Islands have a great opportunity to harness a substantial new marine industry, when the grid connection is available. So we are very glad to be cleared to do investigation works.”

Alastair Cooper, Chair of Economy & Development Committee for the Shetlands Islands Council, adds: “We regard our marine renewables resources as a major potential source of energy and prosperity for our community, not least because it is never-ending. We have every intention of encouraging development in this area, in a way that is smart and sustainable with community participation.”

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