Q-Cells announces foray into Japan

Q-Cells is to enter the Japanese residential market with integrated photovoltaic solutions.

In order to ensure what it calls a "successful market entry", QCells has founded the Q-Cells Meister Club (QMC), which the company says is an innovative sales network of selected local installers, offering residential PV solutions with Q-Cells solar modules. The QMC delivers residential end customers solar systems kits for their roof-top installations from a single source.

“The QMC was initiated before the earthquake hit Japan”, says Nedim Cen, CEO of Q-Cells SE. “Yet, we believe that solar energy will be an important resource and growing market for the Japanese energy supply. This is why Q-Cells strengthens its presence in Japan with local partners and PV solutions.”

Since January 2010, Q-Cells has been running an office in Tokyo, selling its products, comprising solar cells, multi crystalline solar modules Q.PRO and Q.BASE and thin-film solar modules Q.SMART. With the official start of QMC in early March, Q-Cells moves into offering complete PV packages to residential end customers.

In March, Q-Cells installed its first residential system of 9.87 kWp in Osaka, which can make up for an electricity supply of 10.594 kWh or a reduction of 3.300 kg CO2 emissions per year.

The QMC already counts 30 members, offering entire solar systems kits, including solar modules, inverters, mounting systems, monitoring systems, cables and other components. The members of the QMC benefit from installation and sales training provided by Q-Cells.


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