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From beer to biogas

Breweries’ wastewater biogas could be turned into renewable energy for the breweries, according to environmental solutions company Talbot & Talbot.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

Talbot & Talbot says the biogas produced from the wastewater treatment could contribute 10-15% of a brewery’s steam requirements.

Director Frank Urbaniak-Hedley, says: “Using biogas as a fuel for raising steam in a brewery can definitely be viable, resulting in the treatment plant changing from a cost centre into a profit centre.

Wastewater treatment usually involves anaerobic digestion, sometimes followed by aerobic treatment – both known to biogas producers.

“The biogas can be burnt in a dual-fuel boiler or in a stand-alone dedicated boiler installation. The resulting steam is piped directly into the main steam supply header,” Urbaniak-Hedley explains.

“A typical brewery with production of 1 mHI per annum might produce waste of up to 4.5 tonnes of COD equivalent per day, with a potential of 2000 m3 per day of gas or 20 tonnes of steam.”

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