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Next Welsh Government urged to promote wind, wave and tidal

Ahead of the Welsh general election, RenewableUK Cymru is calling on the next Government to implement policies promoting wind, wave and tidal energy.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

Llywelyn Rhys, Head of RenewableUK Cymru, says: “Wind and marine renewable technologies offer massive economic, environmental and social opportunities for Wales. The potential aim is clear – the wind sector alone will employ over 1000 people in 2012 and contribute £158 million to the Welsh economy, rising to £1 billion by the end of the decade.

“To take advantage of these opportunities the next Welsh Government needs to have detailed delivery plans for all renewable technologies and ensure that business support and infrastructure is adequate in helping the development of the industry.”

The manifesto identifies the main obstacles to the development of wind, wave and tidal in Wales, and suggests how the next Government could address these.

Onshore wind

The main obstacles to onshore wind developments include the slow pace of decision-making, the lack of grid infrastructure and transport issues. RenewableUK Cymru says new areas suitable for onshore wind farms should be identified and that the Welsh Government should use its powers to intervene to determine some planning applications.

Offshore wind

The association also calls for a detailed offshore wind delivery plan, urging the next Government to replicate the announcement of the development grants made in England and Scotland, to assist Welsh ports to capitalise on the development of offshore wind.

Wave and tidal

For wave and tidal, RenewableUK Cymru is calling for a delivery plan for meeting the ambitious targets set. The Severn Estuary should, according to the association, remain as a major area of interest for renewable energy development.

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Shamil Ayntrazi said

10 May 2011
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Three systems of “Wave Gear Drive System-WGD” are proposed for Wave Energy Extraction and Power Leveling through the whole cycle. It consists of a buoyant float developing an uplift of 2.65 tons, using pulleys and reduction gear to directly drive pumps or generators:
1) Wave Air Pump-WAP: Compresses air collects and feeds it to a turbo generator, thus reducing fuel consumption, maintaining power in absence of waves.
2) Wave Gear Drive Pump-WGDP: pumps water and feeds it to a hydro-turbo generator.
3) Wave Gear Drive Generator-WGDG: Drives a Generator to directly generate electric power. The generator can be:
a) A synchronous AC Generator where Alternating voltage is conditioned; synchronized and feed to a step up transformer for transmission through a cable to the shore.
b) A DC Generator where Direct Current voltage is conditioned, converted to AC voltage, synchronized and feed to a step up transformer for transmission through a cable to the shore.
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