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Vestas named preferred provider of Belgian offshore wind farm

Eldepasco NV has named Vestas as a preferred supplier of wind turbines to the planned offshore wind farm on the Bank zonder Naam in the North Sea.

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

Eldepasco NV, a joint venture between the Belgian Colruyt Group and Aspivari, says Vestas’ 3 MW V112 wind turbine has been selected as the preferred wind technology for the project.

Construction of the offshore wind farm is due to start in 2012 and will comprise 72 wind turbines, 37 km into the North Sea, off the coast of Zeebrugge.

Vestas confirms negotiations

Vestas says it can “confirm that negotiations between Eldepasco and Vestas are ongoing, but Vestas has not yet received a firm and unconditional order for the project.”

Vestas says it will make an announcement if negotiations result in a firm and unconditional order.

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