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Cannon Group exhibits composites technologies at Chinese wind show

The Cannon Group will be showing its latest developments in composites, polyurethane and thermoforming technologies at the China International Wind Energy Exhibition and Conference, CWEE 2011, being held in Shanghai this week.

Cannon, headquartered in Italy, will display a range of equipment for the wind energy and other industries, including:

  • the Epoxy DX dosing machines for epoxy resin infusion for large wind turbine blades;
  • dosing machines for polyurethane inserts to replace the use of balsa wood;
  • automated assembly technologies for the production of large composite parts;
  • compression moulding presses for SMC, GMT and RTM;
  • the new ESTRIM (Epoxy Structural Reaction Injection Moulding) technology, designed for the replacement of conventional RTM processes with fast-demoulding high pressure injection of epoxy resin formulations; and
  • a range of automatic preformers for the preparation of carbon and glass fibre preforms used for resin impregnation and injection technologies.

CWEE 2011 takes place in Shanghai, China, on 8-10 April.


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